:: Annika Skattum Cration et Accompagnement ::
Annika Skattum


[ Of Norwegian origin, in the lineage of the great adventurers, my quest is about the power of love, aiming for unity.

This adventurous life makes me travel, and like a bird, I’ve created a good nest to rest. I live on a hill in Provence, in the south of France, where I create day by day. My nest is also a place of reception; for individual sessions, for workshops and for nature retreats. ]

Voyages et nature TRAVEL

[ Open your horizon, leave old habits, confront differences to more easily accept them, know thy self better, awaken your creativity, connect with nature, with your own nature… These are all reasons to travel. ]

Ateliers et stages WORKSHOPS

[ My passion for all ancestral spiritual healing practices including the 3 elements: breath, music and movement, has brought me to proposing workshops in meditation and ecstatic dance and conscious breath sessions accompanied by music. ]

Thrapies et accompagnement THERAPY

[ As a transpersonal therapist, Rebirth therapist, art- and dance therapist, I propose individual sessions working with body, mind and soul. Amongst my tools, are: conscious breath, movement & dance, therapeutic massage and artistic expression. ]

Arts et danse ART

[ My visual artistic expression and my development by the dance are both influenced by my journeys abroad...
in West-Africa, Cuba, Brazil, Turkey, Morocco, Spain, France, Norway,... and in my own heart. Thirsty for connexion, free as a bird... ]